The politics of art, or, the art of politic

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Title : State and Society in East Asia (SOCAD558)


07/03/2023 | Room K.3.601

Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University/Leiden University/University of Rome "Tor Vergata") - Khwampenthai: Propaganda and karma in the creation of an ethno-national identity

14/03/2023 | Room K.3.601

Judith Audin (EHESS) - Notifying the people on the city's walls: Political signs and the making of the Chinese State "from the bottom up"

21/03/2023 | Room K.3.601

Thomas Boutonnet (Université de Strasbourg - MSH guest professor) - Propaganda and social Harmony in 2000s' China

28/03/2023 | Room K.3.601

Jeffrey Hall (Kanda University of International Studies) - Popular culture and the remilitarization of Japan

18/04/2023 | Room R42.4.104

Susan Bayley  (University of Cambridge - MSH guest professor) - The eye of the visionary state: Gendering moral citizenship in late-socialist Vietnam

25/04/2023 | Room R42.4.104

Stefan Landsberger (University of Amsterdam/Leiden University - MSH guest professor) - The politics of art, or, the art of politic

02/05/2023 | Room R42.4.104

Soren Ivarsson (Chiang Mai University) - Contested heritage and calls for political change in Thailand: Amnesia, counter-remembrance and the material legacy of the 1932-coup

09/05/2023 | Room R42.4.104

Baj Strobel - Political propaganda in Laos 1975-2000


Venue : Solbosch Campus ULB, Room K.3.601or R42.4.104

Day and Time : Tuesday, 2-4pm

Language: English


Course coordinators: Pierre Petit ( and Vanessa Frangville (

No registration is required - Free entrance