New schedule- Seminar "Mixscape family at stake: culture and religion as ethical-moral dimension in the construction of family and public belonging"

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Speaker : Rosa Parisi (Università del Salento)

Title : Mixscape family at stake: culture and religion as ethical-moral dimension in the construction of family and public belonging

Abstract :

In the last decade, in Italy there has been a progressive increase of mixed marriages and an increase in children born in these families. Mixedness is an “active category of action” in the construction of subjectivity of all members and of family and social belongin. Mixedness it can be considered an advantage that interprets the multiplicity of cultural references in an interconnected world and in a transnational mobility, but all members of the family performer different expressions of mixedness, for example offspring, as Unterreiner (2015) states do not replicate their parents’ idea of mixedness, likewise partners of different nationalities.
Starting from mixed family ethnography, particularly Italian-Moroccan couples, we will investigated how members of mixed family refer and manipulate different cultural and religious identification to construct their own familial and social belonging. Particulalrly, we try to analyse how islam, interpreted as ethical-moral dimension and practices, become an important level in the construction of mixed family members subjectivity and of their process of “citizenisation”, strongly rooted in mixedness biographical heritage. 
The essay will be divided into three parts. The first section will present data on mixed couples in Italy, focusing on the category of mixité by introducing the term mixscape, that expands the field of construction of the mixité beyond the nuclear family in a enlarged kin relatedness and transnational scape. The second part will analyze the different ways in which the subjects reference to religion in the construction of their subjectivity that intersect familial negotioation, institutional religious policies and Islamophobia. Finally in the third conclusive part, I will analyse briefly how the reference to the ethical dimension of islam becomes an anti-hegemonic narrative that breaks the current pattern of the supposed Italian cultural homogeneity and, in this way, introduce the mixedness dimention in Italian citizenship, interpreted a“community of values”.

Chair : Lucas Monteil (ULB-LAMC)

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Tuesday 30 November 2021 from 10:00 am untill 11:00 am on ZOOM

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