The case of artivism, What is it to create a documented art ?

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Speaker :  Laura Nsengiyumva (Gent University)

Title : The case of artivism, What is it to create a documented art ?

Abstract :

The term artivism, as a self-definition, still triggers some fears and misconceptions. It seems to challenge a conception of “contemporary art” that is based on individual expression, without intention. It also challenges the academic by exposing its blinspots. Nsengiyumva's artistic research, Shaping the presence of the African Diaspora in Belgium has since 2018 demonstrated different bottom-up experiences like PeoPL and Queen Nikkolah. This conversation aims to give the state of the art of artivism in Belgium, with a focus on the invisibility or maybe hypervisibility that makes it prone to political recuperation.

Bio : 

Laura Nsengiyumva is an artist, activist and a phD candidate at Gent University. Through her interdisciplinary practice, Nsengiyumva explores themes such as diasporic experience, hidden histories, North-South relations and empathy. She speaks about these topics through images and interventions on colonial spaces.

  • When ?

Thursday 18 January 2023 from 10:00 till 12:00

  • Where ?

ULB - Campus du Solbosch

Institut de Sociologie (building S)

Room Janne - 15th floor

44 avenue Jeanne - 1050 Bruxelles


Program séminaire Approches Critiques de la Race available here