Academic Silences and the Epistemologies of Vulnerability

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We - Noémie Marcus, PhD candidate at the Laboratoire d'Anthropologie des Mondes Contemporains (LAMC, ULB) and Margot Lammers, Master student in social and cultural Anthropology (ULB) - would like to invite you to our bimonthly lecture groups on the subject of the "dangerous ethnographic silences".

As young scholars the first steps in academia can be intimidating: unanticipated impediments in the field related to our gendered and/or racialized bodies; (mental) health in academia; or emotions in the field(s). These are but some of the (frequently) muffled issues we would like to address conjointly - within a safe, respectful and non-competitive space.

Session 1 -  February 12th 2020 - Introduction: Academic Silences and the Epistemologies of Vulnerability

Session 2 - February 26th, 2020 - Studying up, Studying down: New encounters; New challenges

Session 3 - March 11th, 2020 - The Intimate Field: Affection, Sex or the absence thereoff

Session 4 - March 26th, 2020 - Participants'  suggestions and/or mid/track feedback

Session 5 - April 8th, 2020 - Violences in the field: A Gendered Perspective

Session 6 - April 22th, 2020 - Hacking Neoloberalism: Doing Research in a Deadline Age

Session 7 - May 6th, 2020 - Navigating Privileges: An Intersectional Approach

Session 8 - May 20th, 2020 - Conclusion and, eventually, drafting good practices

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ULB - Campus du Solbosch

Institut de Sociologie (building S)

Room Doucy - 12th floor - Room 123

44 avenue Jeanne - 1050 Bruxelles

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