Erasmus+: A further step in the cooperation ULB-National Univ. of Laos (Social Sciences)

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An Erasmus+ funding has been awarded by the EU for an exchange programme between the ULB and the National University of Laos (NUoL) in the field of Social Sciences. It covers the period from September 2019 to August 2021. Coordinated by Pierre Petit (LAMC-EASt) and Amphone Vongsouphanh (Faculty of Social Sciences, NUoL), the programme will enable four students and three professors from Laos to come to ULB. As this is the first Erasmus+ agreement for the Fac. of Social Sciences at NUoL, it will be instrumental in the internationalization of their academic training and activities. It will also deepen the connections existing for 17 years now between researchers from ULB and NUoL, especially in the field of anthropology and rural studies. The first two beneficiaries of this Erasmus+ agreement are Ms. Namphon Luangxay and Phetphailin Sichanthavong, who arrived in Brussels in late January and will stay for a full term. We fully apologize for the weather they had to endure in Brussels until now and wish them a nice stay in our Alma Mater!


Picture : From right to left, Namphon Luangxay and Phetphailin Sichanthavong, the first students benefiting from the Erasmus+ agreement; Amphone Vongsouphanh (NUoL) and Pierre Petit (ULB-LAMC/EASt), the two coordinators of the programme; Ingrid Necochea, head of the student mobility at the Fac. of Philosophy and Social Sciences (ULB); and Asuncion Fresnoza (ULB-LAMC/EASt).